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Solar Solutions

Solar Pool Heating

Chris Keyser solar solutions has procured 2 types of excellent quality solar panel options for you to choose from when considering heating you pool.

The advantages of heating your pool

  1. You can swim all year round
  2. It is environmentally friendly
  3. You invest in your homes market value
  4. Swimming all year round is recommended for good health
  5. Your pool will become a new entertainment venue
  6. A warm pool is a lot of fun even after sunset

How solar panels are fitted

  1. The size of your swimming pool will determine how many of our solar pool panels are required to effectively raise the temperature.
  2. The solar pool panels gets fitted onto your existing roof, where it will get the most direct sun all day. Preferably north facing and flat roofs. The solar pool panels can be fitted to any type of roof.
  3. The solar pool panels are connected in series.
  4. 2 Pipes are then connected to your existing swimming pool filtration system (pool pump and sand filter).
  5. These pipes then run all the way (above or below the ground) to the side of the house, up the side of the house and onto the roof.
  6. 1 Pipe is connected to one end at the bottom of the solar pool panels and the other pipe to the top at the other end of the solar pool panels.

Option 1:  Solarstar pool panels

How does the system work

  1. Water is drawn from the weir by the pump
  2. Circulate through the filter, pumped up to the panels
  3. Heat from the sun is absorbed by the black panels
  4. The heat is transferred to the water
  5. The water is pumped back into the pool
  6. No airlocks is ensured by a cross-flow setup
  7. Incoming warm water temperature can be felt immediately
  8. Your pool will be heated by 8-12C

Solar panel specifications:

  1. Individual tube design reduces wind load
  2. Rubber grommets allow for expansion and contraction
  3. Output power of 16.5kW per solar day
  4. Weight: empty 7kg / full 14kg
  5. Each panels holds 7lt of water
  6. Panels are manifactured from virgin material
  7. Contains 6% UV stabilisers to ensure that panels dont bend and become porous in the sun
  8. 3m long and 1.2m wide
  9. Aesthetically pleasing appearance
  10. Can be fitted to almost any roof
  11. Installation takes less than a day
  12. No roof tile failure or algae growth
  13. No clogging of pipes
  14. Carries a 10 year warranty against leaking

Option 2:  Suncommand panels

How does the system work

  1. Panels are mounted onto the house roof or suitable structure
  2. Clean filtered water is passed through the panels during the daytime by your existing pool pump
  3. Water passing through the panels collects the irradiated heat from the sun and is returned to your pool as warmed water
  4. Process is repeated until your swimming pool reaches the desired temperature 

Suncommand panel specifications

  1. Panel comprises of an extruded collector surface
  2. Fitted with header and footer manifolds
  3. Manufactured from a high grade Polypropylene raw material
  4. Fully stabilized against Ultra Violet (UV) conditions
  5. Panel components are welded together by an automatic Extrusion Welding machine
For more questions or a personalized quotation please fill in our online quotation form and we will get in touch with you within the same day.