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Solar Solutions SA Green Thought

"Dear future generatons; Please accept our apologies.  We were rolling drunk on petroleum."  

 -Kurt Vonnegut

Thank you for considering Solar Solutions SA for your renewable energy and solar solution. On our site you will find our listed products and services, links to our recommended affiliates and a link to our facebook group with regularly updated news on energy and sustainability issues around the globe.  Our products options include:


  •     Solar pool heating, pool heat-pumps, pool accessories and equipment,
  •     Solar pool heating hybrid systems designed to our customers needs,
  •     Solar geyser installations (retro fit or full) and accessories,
  •     PV systems (solar electricity) and accessories,
  •     Gas geysers and stoves
  •     LED light systems. 


Contact us and join the quest to collectively transform our way of living to be more sustainable and positive for our immediate and future generations. 


Please note that we only do installation in the Cape Metropole and areas of the Western Cape!